A New Hope. Err, Home.

I had a rather lengthy first post in here before in the beta version of the johnlclemmer.com site, that was going to be cross-posted from the site I used when I started marketing my first novel, The Way of the Dhin. Then I figured that "Science Fiction Author John L. Clemmer" ought to have his own dedicated site that wasn't tied to the name of his first novel. It was a bit of a mouthful anyway.

I decided I'll have a site about me as an author, about my writing, my thoughts, who I am and where I am in my life and process, and it will be flexible in the future when I'm writing new stories or even non-fiction.

Self promotion is one aspect of this whole endeavor, and of course the traditional role of a blog as a public diary is another aspect. Hey, what does John Lee Clemmer think when he's in the mindset of John L? That sometimes may be an interesting question. Or not. You be the judge. I'm writing science fiction whether I talk about it here or not.

You say, "Clemmer, you post plenty of your thoughts online already, perhaps someĀ  structure would benefit you."

Perhaps it will. Stay tuned, I already have a series of posts in mind and have the first one written. You'll like it. Offworlders, Aliens, and AI, what's not to like?