Our Approach

My Approach

I keep a keen eye on advancements in science and technology, and look at the cutting edge research to see what may be on the horizon. This, coupled with musings focusing on futurism, help inform the worlds I create. I try to find a balance between "hard SF," space opera, cyberpunk, and dystopian futures.

Much of what's out there now hits hard in one direction or another. Finding a balance that's exciting for me and entertaining for the reader is what's important. I very much want to engender a feeling of "classic SF" with my work. I feel that too much now has influences from modern social culture and that rather than being a view into the future it's just a recasting of the present into a future backdrop.

Fortunately, not everything coming out today is like that. Hard SF has had huge growth. Writing for a Hard SF audience is perhaps the most challenging as they are most likely to call you out if you make a mistake! Even where my stories have slipped well off into the fiction half of Science Fiction, I do try to do whatever calculations are required to make things "realistic."

I'm planning on a Hard SF story for my next work; we'll see how I do.

Our Story

My Story

John L. Clemmer is lifetime lover of Science and Science Fiction. He was inspired to write after learning of the death of Iain M. Banks, one of his favorite Science Fiction authors. To be fair, he'd say that Neal Asher and Richard K. Morgan were influences on his current work as well.
He loves science, physics, cosmology, quantum theory, and psychology. Readers will surely recognize that.


Selected reviews and praise of my work... will go here. For now there are still hilarious stock photo characters below. Humor me, it's a work in progress and I thought it was funny.




She has a boyfriend.




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