The Way of the Dhin

Posing an intellectual convergence of science fiction, fact and possibilities, author John L Clemmer's The Way of The Dhin delivers with its futuristic tale of A.I. sovereignty, alien contact and the mystery of the technology they left behind...

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The Power of the Dhin

Continuing his offering of intellectually arousing science fiction, author John L Clemmer, once again accomplishes a satisfying and entertaining narrative with his second addition to his "Dhin" series.

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The Home of the Dhin

Yes, the work is in progress! I promise. Look for regular updates on Facebook and here! First round of rewriting still happening. I've taken quite a few breaks, I know. I'll be looking for an Editor next, and deciding on who will do the cover art. I'm hoping to get Adam Burn to do it again.

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Enough of that. I plan to move the focus of new content to this site instead of The Way of the Dhin, as that site was focused of course around the first book. Using this one makes more sense going forward.



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