The Way of the Dhin

Extraterrestrial beings, the Dhin, have visited Earth. Communication with the enigmatic aliens proves problematic. The Dhin suddenly depart, without explanation, leaving a few samples of their technology. Wide knowledge of these events would cause chaos. The powerful Coalition Security agency strives to maintain secrecy. As Coalition researchers explore the alien technology, their discoveries turn our understanding of physics inside out.

Humanity faces numerous challenges. After multiple economic crises and subsequent collapses, the remaining viable nations joined together as the Coalition. Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence then led to AI management of most economic and political affairs. Unfortunately, even AI are not perfect, and some volatility and conflict remain.
Not everyone agrees the AIs are aligned with our best interests.

Humanity now faces the seemingly insurmountable challenge of unlocking the secrets of the alien technology without advice or assistance.

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The Power of the Dhin

Over two years have passed since the AI governors of Earth abruptly departed, taking the alien technology of the Dhin with them. Humanity has reverse-engineered the exotic technology and is beginning its exploration of the galaxy.
Pilot Thys Kritcher stumbles across something suggesting that there may be more than one alien force among the stars. On Earth, the Coalition struggles with increasing civil unrest. A new wave of hacking attacks plague Globalnet. Without AI assistance, the disruptions grow more and more challenging for Earth’s human leadership. All is not serene for the AIs that left Earth. A mysterious enemy interferes with their plans for expansion.
Can Humanity handle the incredible power of the Dhin’s technology? Could a rogue AI take control of Globalnet, and more? Are invisible traps scattered throughout space, and poised to spring?

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